Meet Our Dogs

Hudson Valley Labradors in Hudson, New York, offers lovable puppies for sale. We also provide stud service for those who want to breed their female dog for charming puppies.


Molly is a fox red female who has been DNA tested by Paw Prints Genetics™ with their Labrador Retriever panel and was clear in all tests.  Molly is certified OFA hips good, elbows normal and has a cardiac clearance.   Her mother is Keepsake Scarlet Letter and her father is Keepsake Little Red Rooster.  She is an extremely beautiful dog who is also very friendly.  We plan to breed Molly to Ryder In 2020.  Deposits are filled through 2021.  If more pups than deposits they will be posted on the web site.


Keepsake's Red Ryder of HVL was born on January 18, 2010. His sire is Borador's Moose and his dam is Keepsake's Reddi Whip. He is a friendly and outgoing dog who loves to hunt. It is undeniable that his beautiful deep fox red color can turn heads wherever he goes.

Ryder’s Medical Test Results

Ryder’s eyes were certified by CERF, and no eye diseases were found. He was DNA tested through Paw Print Genetics' Labrador Retriever panel, and was found clear in all tests. His OptiGen™ tests for progressive retinal atrophy reveal normal results. OFA scored his hips as "good" and elbows as “normal.”  He also has a cardiac clearance.

Ryder’s Certifications

Weighing 65 pounds, Ryder is an outgoing dog who loves to hunt. He was professionally trained for AKC Hunt Tests. With the wonderful help of Renee and Tammy from Peak Performance™, he achieved his Senior Hunt Test Title when he was only two years old. Ryder has received numerous nice comments in his hunting ability, as well as general admiration for his color and demeanor.

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