Helping Breed Black and Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies through First-Rate Dog Stud Service

Purchase or breed Labrador retriever puppies with the assistance of Hudson Valley Labradors in Hudson, New York. We produce one to two litters of puppies per year, and offer fox red labrador retriever stud service.


All puppies that we offer are part of an intelligent Labrador retriever family, and raised in a loving home. Prices for each puppy start at $1250.00 to $1850.00 and pictures of the puppies are available through e-mail.  After this March litter prices will be increased.  Each of them will up to date on immunizations, be wormed, and have their dew claws removed.  After accepting your full cash payment your pup will ready for his/her new home.  We also accept PayPal is accepted with a 2.9% interst fee plus $.30.

For 24 months, Labrador retriever puppies are guaranteed for congenital hip dysplasia, retinal dysplasia, cataracts, or any life threatening congenital problems. We reserve the right to request veterinary examinations prior to replacement or refund.  For the limited registration thr same guarantee applies but only if the pups life is severely compromised or if the pup has died.  See the Puppies pup for the guarantee.

We try to have all our animals preliminary evaluated or certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). We do this to ensure our dogs’ hips and elbows are free from defect before they are bred. They are also tested for genetic defects and cardiac problems.

Stud Service
Currently, the stud service fee for our dog, Ryder, is $1,500.00 (previous customer fees will retan the same fee as previously paid if the same female is used). This fee is required before breeding. Our stud dog is available for travel within a reasonable 30-mile radius of Hudson, New York.   We also accept PayPal with a 2.9% interst fee plus $.30.

If the natural "tie" is not achieved, the female will be artificially inseminated. We suggest at least two breeding periods, which are separated by a day, for every breeding plan. We allow more breeding attempts if the owner of the female dog requests them. If one or no pups are conceived, the female will be rebred up to two times without additional fees. If the female is unable to be rebred a no refund of the stud fee will be provided.

Contact us in Hudson, New York, to get more details on our high-value dog stud service for breeding Labrador Retriever puppies.